Discrete, Professional and Trustworthy 

Preparing for a civil case is not only lengthy, but will no doubt be costly and time consuming. The more work and preparation you allow us to do on your case, the less you will pay in the long run. Too many cases go to court without proper evidence or preparation on your behalf.  Allowing us to assist you and/or your attorney in gathering evidence prior to trial facilitates tremendous benefits on your behalf!  If you find yourself in a civil suit, the searching, gathering and preparing of evidence will be best handled by us. So, allow us to prepare, prepare, prepare!

We will provide background checks on employees, business partners, neighbors, boy friend/girlfriend, or fiancé etc. If you are a landlord, pre-screening tenants can save time, aggravation and money. Prevent the loss of rental income by prescreening tenants for criminal history and judgments before accepting payment or lease or rental contracts.

Allow Ermatinger Private Investigations, LLC to assist you in your needs.